Beltango was founded in Belgrade, Serbia, 1998, by the professor, bandoneonist and composer Aleksandar Nikolic.

Quinteto Beltango present all abundance of tango repertoire. Apart from traditional tango pieces, compositions of the tango nuevo trend of Astor Piazzolla and modern tango, they also present their own Beltango compositions from “Balkango” opus.

They have been equally successful in performing on large concert podiums, symphonic halls, theater stages, classical chamber halls, tango balls, gran milongas, festivals as well as in other places where the spirit of tango revives.

Argentina, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Malta, Austria, Poland, Turkey, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro are just some of the countries in which Beltango quinteto has performed with great success. In fact, in their 15 years of experience they have played around 500 concerts in more then 20 countries.

Quinteto Beltango is the only European tango orchestra to be invited by the Ministry of culture of Buenos Aires to perform at “World Tango Festival – Buenos Aires, 2007”.

Like co-authors and musical directors, they’ve produced big tango-shows in collaboration with some of the greatest tango artists in the world like Miguel Angel Zotto y Daina Guspero, Sebastian Arce y Mariana Montes, Adrian Veredice y Alejandra Hobert, Gustavo Rosas y Gisela Natoli, Angel Coria y Claudia Sortino, Gaspar Godoy y Carla Mazzolini, Santiago y Erna Giachello, Damian Rosenthal y Celine Ruiz, Pablo Moyano y Roberta Beccarini, Sergio Cortazzo y Soledad Rivero and Pablo Villarazza y Dana Frigoli.

Beltango quinteto has also produced the gala-concert “Beltango Symphonico” as well as performed together with different big orchestras like CRR Istanbul Symphony Orchestra, Macedonia Philharmony Orchestra, Vietnamese National Symphony Orchestra, Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra and Nis Symphony Orchestra.

As if that wasn’t enough they’ve also collaborated with Belgrade Tango Association and hosted the International Belgrade Tango Festival for about 10 years now (2004-2013).

Beltango quinteto is the official orchestra of the world’s biggest international tango festivals:
Berlin Tango Festival 2007-2009-2013, Zurich Tango Festival 2014, Luzern Tango Festival 2012-2013, Wuppertal Tango Festival 2013-2014, Bonn Tango Festival 2014, Munster Tango Festival 2014, Leipzig Tango Festival 2014, Palermo & Marsala Tango Festival 2014, Lausanne Tango Festival 2013, Oldenburg Tango Festival 2012-2013, Aix Les Bains Tango Festival 2012-2013, Rovinj Tango Festival 2012-2013-2014, Danubiando Budapest Tango Festival 2010-2011-2012, World of Tango Tampere Festival 2011, Opatija Tango Festival 2011, Warszawa Tango Festival 2009, Napoli Tango Festival 2008, Copenhagen Tango Festival 2008, Tango Camp Sweden 2007-2008, Tango Camp Greece 2007-2008, Buenos Aires World Tango Festival 2007, Belgrade Tango Festival 2004-2013.

They published four CD’s:
“Theatre of Soul – Teatro del Alma” l 2013,
“Beltango Trilogia” l 2007,
“Beltango en Vivo!” l 2004,
“Beltango Nuevo plays Piazzolla” l 2001