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In 1997, Minyatürler completed only 5.5 hours and its consisting of beautiful works from east to west, folk songs to tango songs. The first of the project has received great attention from both domestic and abroad. In addition to being a reference in many different projects, violin has been used in folk music as an instrument. The continued interest in the project, Cihat Askin (violin) and Mehru Ensari (piano) started to second project of Minyatürler as Minyatürler 2. Askin summarized to new project as follows: “I decided to bring together some works which is reflect of our people perspective and expectations that I belive.” Then begins the work with Mehri Ensari again.

The project Minyatürler which is Cihat Askin’s very valuable works selected from different region of the Turkey, inculuding the one of the best composer of Turkish Music history as Yalçın Tura, Neyzen Tevfik, Yunus Emre, Münir Nurettin Beken, Leyla Saz, Celal Andel and many others. Also In addition, today’s most talented artists of Hasan Niyazi Tura and Oguzhan Balci his arrangements are also adding value to the project.